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Khutbah Ied adha in English



Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar –

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar –

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar –


Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – La Ilaha Illa-llah

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – walillahi-lhamd.


Allahu Akbar as many as the count of people who go to Hajj.


Allahu Akbar as many as the times they chanted Labbayk Allahum Labbayk

(We responded to the call to Hajj Oh Allah).


Allahu Akbar as many as the times they circled the Kaaba.


Allahu Akbar as many as the count of people who performed the rituals of going to Mina, witnessed Arafat, spent the night at Muzdalifa, and returned to Mina.


Allahu Akbar as many as the count of people who throw the stones at Iblis, sacrificed udhia animals, and cut their hair as they completed the Hajj rituals in Glorification to Allah, the Creator of Heavens and Earth.


Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – La Ilaha Illa-llah

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – walillahi-lhamd


We praise Him a lot for the many opportunity He provided for us to worship Him and demonstrate our obedience to His Will.


We praise Him for the many bounties He provided for us.


And we witness that there are no gods but Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet and messenger (pbuh). Conveyed the message, completed his mission, advised the Ummah, and left for us the undoubted truth, whomsoever strays from it will be lost and destroyed.



Today, we witness a great day, Eidul'Adha, Eid of sacrifice, and Eid of Hajj.


Today, Brs. and Srs. for us in Islam complete their Hajj rituals as they throw the big stone, slaughter their sacrifices, cut their hair, circle the Kaaba, and go back and forth between the Safa and Marwa.


Slaughtering a sacrifice (or udhia) animal is one the best deeds Muslims do on this day for the sake of Allah and following the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


It is hated for an able person to miss this great Sunnah in which you get rewarded for every hair of the sacrifice animal.


It is preferred if you were to slaughter the animal better than giving the price in charity in following the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh).



Allah gives us many opportunities in this life to stop and think, examine our lives, our course, and our approach.


Just like a person on a journey who stops to check his vehicle, his time, and his directions. You look for landmarks on the road and use that as your stop for checking and re-evaluation.


So we have 5 times a day where we pause from our busy schedules to do that quick check.


We have a weekly opportunity with the Friday prayer to do another check and re-evaluate.


And we have Ramadhan where we overhaul the system and recharge our batteries.


And we have the Hajj – the once in a lifetime opportunity to cleanse our souls and renew our commitment to Allah.


Allah also gives two Eids - two fresh starts after Ramadhan and after hajj. Two new starts to provide us with the enthusiasm of the beginning and the hope of looking forward.


Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said in his Hadeeth that every new day tells us "O children of Adam, I am a new day and will testify about you on the Day of Judgment, so make the best out of me."


And today is the day of Eid – not just any day – it's a new special day -


Eid is an opportunity for us to re-evaluate our course and return to the straight path so we will be among the successful in this life the saved in the hereafter.


A wise man once said, " today is Eid, tomorrow is Eid, and every day that passes without disobeying Allah is Eid."







Brs. & Srs.


How many times have we ignored our Islamic duties and got off the straight path?


How often have we ignored Allah's commands and followed the whims of our souls?


How often did we miss performing our prayers on time or even missed it completely?


How often did we let go of opportunities to do righteous deeds and charitable contributions?


How often did we ignore the Sunnah of the prophet and missed on rewards?


How much time did we waste in vain and how much time did we spend on useless affairs?


It is time to stop and examine the way we are and think about the way we should be; and Eid is a good time for that.


Yes, Eid is a reward from Allah to those who are righteous and who do good deeds. Are we among those? Do we deserve this Eid?


It is time for each one of us to start a new beginning filled with righteousness and sincerity.


It is time for each one of us to repent to Allah and ask his forgiveness for the shortcomings of our deeds and for the lack of our sincere work.


Listen to Ameerul mo'umineen Omar as he says:

Judge yourselves before you get judged, and weigh your work before it gets weighted for you, as today you can work without judgment and tomorrow, its judgment and no work."



Eid is a great opportunity for us to strengthen our family ties; the close family and the distant family. Connecting the womb is the preferred Islamic term.


Eid is a great opportunity to enhance our marital and parental relationships. Life is too short to waste in engaging in disputes and hostilities.


Disputes and hostilities make life harder and cause increased worries and diseases.


In our families we need to conduct ourselves maturely with mature objectives of correcting crookedness and dealing with problems without any hysteria or exaggeration.


Let us deal in our family environment with sincerity avoiding the damaging attitudes of false pride and finger pointing.



Eid is a day for joy and happiness, it's a day for us to embrace each other and congratulate one another from the depth of our souls and the bottom of hearts.


On this Eid day, as the Muslim shakes hands with the other Muslim sincerely, their sins wash away, as the rain, washes the dust of the tree leaves.


Our Islamic community desperately needs our attention.


We as Muslims in these lands need to strengthen our ties to each other strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood in the Islamic way; enhance our sincere love to one another in the way of Allah.


We need to reach the point in our relationships where we can execute Allah's command to us in enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.


Can we enjoin what is right and we are strangers to each other? Can we forbid what is wrong and we are so critical of one another?


We desperately need to enhance our ties to the Masjid; the house of Allah; the place of worship that opens its arms to all of us at all times; the place where we can meet to enjoin what is right for the sake of Allah, to conduct our worships, and to learn our religion.


In the Prophet's time, the Masjid was the place of gathering for the Muslims, for prayers, for Khutbah, and for learning circles and classes.


The Masjid was the place for conducting state affairs as well as settle court cases. The Masjid was the place of organizing the lines of Allah as they went for their jihad missions.


Now the Masjid is deserted most of the day, even most of the week. Activities conducted in the Masjid are scarce and the attendance is even scarcer.


The Masajid are the most beloved spots to Allah in this earth and the least beloved spots are the Markets and the Malls.


We seem to have this reversed somehow! We rather waste our time in the markets and the malls by the hours and count the minutes that we spend in the Masjid.




Why not take today's Eid opportunity to renew our commitment to the Masjid, to enhancing the activities in the Masjid and to enhancing the attendance at the Masjid.


We need to enhance our attendance in the Jama'a prayers and Islamic gatherings even if it is does not fit our schedule or agree with our desires.


Let our objective be to gain the rewards of Allah in this attendance, let it be for the sake of strengthening the community and enhancing the ties, let it be to form a close community in which "enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong" becomes a reality rather than a deserted ideal.


Brs. & Srs.


Let us remember the example of the blind companion of the Prophet (pbuh) who used to participate in the lines of the Muslims in wars. He was asked, "what forces you to do so?" His reply was "to enhance the count of the Muslims."


As a blind he was helpless and unable to participate in the battle, but, he was there, sacrificing his life in support of his fellow Muslims and for the sake of strengthening the image of the Muslim lines.


Yes Brs. & Srs., your attendance would enhance that image of the Islamic gathering leading to encouraging more and more to attend.


With the enhanced attendance we would be closer to forming the ideal community that would be in apposition for the mutual support and enjoining in righteousness and persistence and patience on the straight path as stated for us in Surat Al-Asr as (Tawasy belHaq and Tawasy belSabr).


Brs. & Srs.


Let us support our Masjid activities by attending the ones that are there and by initiating and maintaining other needed activities that are not there.


In both cases, let our goal be seeking the rewards of Allah, enhancing community relationship, strengthening our brotherhood and sisterhood.

Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar –

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar –

Allahu Akbar -


Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – La Ilaha Illa-llah

Allahu Akbar - Allahu Akbar – walillahi-lhamd.


In Khutbat-ul-wada'a, the last hajj of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), he recited for his companions the Quranic verse from Surat-ul-Ma'eda 3, (TOM), "Today, I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.


Brs. & Srs. Let's also remember Allah's command to us in Surat Al-Imran 103, (TOM) "And hold fast all together and hold fast on the robe of Allah and be not divided among yourselves."


Yes, as we witness the blessed days of Eidul Adha, we are reminded not to fast the days of the Eid or the days of Tashriq which the prophet (pbuh) described as "days of eating, drinking, and remembrance of Allah (SWT), so do Takbeer (Allahu Akbar), tahleel (La Ilaha Illa Allah), and tahmeed (Alhamdu Lillah), following each prayer and at all times."


These are days of Remembrance of Allah and days of joy and happiness and visitation. Visit each other with love, purity, and sincerity, all in the way of Allah and seeking his rewards.


And in these days, we should not forget our devastated Muslim brothers and sisters in many troubled areas of the Islamic Ummah like Chechnya, Cosovo, Kashmir, Palestine, and Afghanistan.


Our heart goes out to them in prayer and invocation to Allah to give them the strength and steadfastness on the straight path so they can withstand the pressures on them and be victorious over the enemies of Islam and enemies of Allah inshaallah.


Not just our hearts and our prayers, Brs. & Srs., but our support in all forms. We need to extend our donations to support their financial needs. Whatever resources we can extend to them and their cause, we should not hesitate to empower.


May Allah accept our sincere deeds in his Cause.


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